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Adult Summer Program 
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Renew Your Quest - An Intellectual Summer Retreat for Adults
July 2014

Join us for our "Renew Your Quest" summer program for adults. You'll get to experience the intellectual electricity of a Quest seminar, and enjoy the spectacular natural setting of our campus, staying in our luxurious condos and eating both on campus and at local stops of interest.

We will offer the academic courses outlined below from 9am to noon each day. In the afternoons and evenings you will be free to explore our beautiful local area or participate in guided hikes, excursions, and optional activities including workshops and discussions of educational philosophy and pedagogy.

Course Options

WEEK ONE: July 6th to 11th, 2014

Mathematical Moments (Ryan Derby-Talbot)

The sentiment that the universe is, as Galileo said, "written in the language of mathematics" is a common precept of our modern worldview. To what extent is this statement accurate, and how did it come about? In this course we will explore several "mathematical moments" of the past millennia (such as the conception of prime numbers, the connection of geometric pictures to numbers, and the development of chaos theory), and see how these moments link to synchronistic ideas in science and philosophy, as well as connect to conundrums and unsolved problems of our current day. No mathematical prerequisite is needed, just a willingness to engage in meaningful inquiry.

The Dynamic Geology of the Sea to Sky Corridor (Steve Quane)

Embedded in rock outcroppings and magnificent mountain vistas along the Sea to Sky Corridor is a remarkably complex and dynamic geologic story. The goal of this course is to write a script for that tale by investigating the major geologic events that shaped the landscape. We will collect our evidence during a series of field excursions to answers questions such as: How can the Stawamus Chief tell us the Quest campus was under ice during the last glaciation? Why do the lava flows on the way to Whistler take unique columnar shapes? What will it really take for Squamish to flood? Garibaldi volcano: imminent danger or sleeping beauty? No geologic background is required, just a willingness for adventure.

WEEK TWO: July 13th to 18th, 2014

The Chemistry and Biochemistry of Food (Bob Perkins)

You are what you eat!! Have you ever wondered where this phrase came from, and whether it is actually true? Why is it that some people cannot tolerate dairy products? Why are more and more people moving to a gluten-free diet? Is maple syrup/honey better for you than ordinary table sugar? Exactly what is that food label trying to tell us? Together we will examine and discuss the chemical and biochemical aspects of food, as well as the many popular press books/articles/Web Sites dealing with various aspects of nutrition. No previous chemistry or biochemistry knowledge is required for the course.

Costs Per Week

    $875* (private bedroom, all meals, local transportation, activities and tuition)

    $725* (shared bedroom with accompanying participant, all meals, local transportation, activities and tuition)

    $400* Local Commuters (includes tuition, welcome dinner and end of program dinner, and activities)

Note: weekend housing included for participants staying for both weeks

* plus applicable taxes


Minimum ten / maximum twenty participants per class


For further information, email , or call Melanie at 604.898.8039


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