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Concentration Years 3 & 4 
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Inquiry mixed with passion.

A learning experience is most meaningful when it aligns naturally with one's sense of wonder and passion. Therefore, at Quest we do not limit your options of study to pre-chosen "majors"; instead, after completing the Foundation Program you create a Question for yourself that directs your Concentration Program - your final two years of study. Based on this Question you choose:

    a faculty mentor

    a course plan of at least 6 courses

    a list of pertinent readings, called "Touchstone works"

    a focused Keystone project

Additionally, your Concentration Program includes 1-4 blocks of Experiential Learning - immersive learning experiences that you get you off campus and into the "real world" - and at least 3 blocks of Elective courses that round out your educational experiences. Your Question and Concentration Program is your personalized access to the deep, inquiry-based learning at the heart of the Quest experience.

Here are descriptions of several Questions and Concentration Programs from current and previous Quest students:

The Concentration Program at Quest

A Quest Education & Deep Inquiry


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