Quest 2016 Writer’s Conference Cancelled


May 17, 2016, Squamish:


Quest University Canada has made the difficult, but necessary, decision to cancel this year's Quest Writer's Conference originally scheduled for June 12-19. Quest is currently restructuring its arts programming and looks forward to sharing exciting and informative events with the greater community throughout the year ahead.


 “I have been honoured to work with the astonishingly generous and talented faculty and fellows of the Quest Writer’s Conference, as well as the gifted young writers who worked as conference employees, the members of Squamish Nation’s Welh Tima Kexwusem, and all who have offered support to QWC,” said Jessamyn Smyth, founding director of the Quest Writer’s Conference. “Developing a successful, diverse, representative writing conference that honors Squamish as place and context while also inviting internationally known artists to our community has been immensely valuable to participants, and to the members of the Sea to Sky community who joined us for the public events. I look forward to continued opportunities to build and support the arts in the Sea to Sky Corridor.”


QWC would like to thank Joy Harjo, Alicia Ostriker, Gregory Orr, Rebecca Brown, Oliver de la Paz, Martin Espada, Vijay Seshadri, Natalie Diaz, Jane Urquhart, and Anne Fleming for their beautiful work and teaching. Gratitude goes also to the wonderful Fellows Amy Holman, Elizabeth Eslami, and Bryan Bearhart.


A mentoring aspect was built into the conference in the form of The Apostrophes, the young writers who served so invaluably as conference assistants. Appreciation goes to Tari Ajadi, Graham Streich, Zach Kershman, Kendra Perrin, Hannah Yerington, Zuber Singh, Lauren Byrne, and Seth Newman for their wit and talent, as well as their work to help create a non-competitive, supportive, generative environment in which all writers can thrive.


Quest extends the best of luck to all the applicants, with the hope to work with them in another time and place.
QWC will be refunding Submittable application fees this week.



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